Kids Corner

Sunday School

Sunday School takes on a fresh face and an exciting approach to learning the stories and the lessons of Jesus.

Bethany Swinerd, our new Youth Coordinator at Cambridge Street United Church is excited to join our family.  She is a fun loving individual who loves children and dogs.  Bethany grew up in Church, spending lots of time in Sunday school and as a youth leader.  She has worked in Northern Quebec setting up day camps and musical programs in schools and travelled to Texas with Global Expeditions to experience broadening her horizons.  Bethany is an Early Childhood Educator.  Since 2019, she has been Supervisor of the Compass Early Learning Centre in Woodville.  She found her passion, her joy and her calling while working with children.  Her belief is that the Lord has put a desire in her heart to work for the benefit of children and youth.  She has established our new Sunday School Program “Kids Corner” which will be a welcoming, safe, and uplifting space where our children can learn and put into action the stories and lessons of Jesus.  We expect that with regular attendance, children will develop transferable life skills and lasting friendships.   Bethany is excited to get to know our Church Family and we are excited to experience and support her new brand of inspired leadership.

Nursery and Toddler Room

Infants and toddlers are always welcome in the nursery where parents can leave their children in good hands or continue to enjoy the service through a TV screen in the nursery that will show the service.  Our nursery and toddler room is well equipped with a change table, play mats, exersaucers, a nursing chair and age-appropriate toys.

Special Services

If you’d like to send us a donation by e-Transfer, please go to your online banking site and follow their instructions for this. You can send your donation to:

Sunday School Collection for our Foster Child

When a child brings a loonie or toonie for collection, it goes towards our sponsored foster child Abdella Adem Aliye through Christian Children’s Fund.  Abdella lives with his family in Ethiopia. He is 12 years old and is in grade 6. His favourite subjects are Math and Natural Science. He walks 5 km to school. Abdella hopes to be a teacher one day.  The money that is sent helps with his and his families’ education, health care and nutrition needs. The area that Abdella and his family lives in are often at risk of drought and we often send money for extra support in those times.