Faith Formation

Faith Formation

The Faith Development Team provides and supports Adult Christian Education at Cambridge United. Currently we are bringing before the congregation the realities of Climate Change and asking how our Christian Faith might influence the ways we care for this planet that we are so privileged to inhabit.

Last year we provided information about the causes and threats of Global Warming, an understanding of Carbon Footprint, also an introduction to the City of Kawartha Lakes Healthy Environment Plan and its recycling program.

Now we turn our attention to Trees and Forests, and how they contribute to a healthy living environment.  We are calling this theme “Faith, Forests, and Care of the Planet.”

To get us started, one of our Team members, Carl Kimmett, has prepared some articles on “What Does A Tree Do?” We will post these here, one each week or so, prior to Sunday, April Sunday 25th, when the Worship Service at Cambridge Church will continue with the theme.

So, we invite you to join us on this learning journey, by “watching this space,” here on the Cambridge Street United Church Web Site.

What Does A Tree Do?

Read this article about the life of trees  by Carl Kimmet

Why Reforestation?

The second part of the series – by Carl Kimmet

Some Thoughts On Forest History

The third part of the series – by Carl Kimmet

How Do We Feel About Trees?

The fourth part of the series – by Carl Kimmet