Regarding  Marriage:   Cambridge Street United Church, Lindsay


  • We see people as unique, loved creations of God. We also see relationships as living things that require preparation and nurture.

Our community is broad and accepting. Cambridge Street United Church’s marriage policy is inclusive of: previously divorced people and couples of different religions.  Couples of all gender combinations will be treated equitably.”

  • We believe God intends loving relationships to be faithful, responsible, just, healing, and sustaining of the couple and those around them.
  • We welcome the opportunity to celebrate the covenant of marriage.
  • We affirm that marriage is a gift of God through which Christians make a covenant with another and with God. In marriage, we offer one another the promise of lifelong companionship and commitment, rich expression of human affections and sexuality, and, if there are children to provide for, their love, nurture, and care.
  • We affirm that this unity is a creation of God and is greater than the two individuals. A marriage needs to be nurtured and cherished.


If you’re contemplating a wedding at Cambridge Street United Church, we would be pleased to help you make this possible.  Couples of all gender combinations are welcome to be married here. We celebrate marriage as an institution in which two people can live their love and their life-long commitment to each other. Your marriage service is first and foremost a worship service in which you make a covenant with one another and with God. In the name of Christ, the church blesses your marriage covenant; praying that you may know the freedom, joy, and sanctity of life-long union. We seek God’s blessing on all those who marry, so that they may live the vows they make on their wedding day.

You do not have to be a member of the church to be married at Cambridge Street United. We do ask, however, that you approach the ceremony with reverence, respecting the convictions of both the church and yourself. We invite you to attend any of the worship services which are held on Sunday mornings at 10:30 a.m. This will give you the opportunity to experience the worship life of the congregation, and to understand better your marriage as an act of Christian worship.

 Statement of the Council April 2019

Some Marriage FAQ

Can I get married at Cambridge Street United Church?

You do not have to be a member of the church to be married at Cambridge Street United. We do ask, however, that you approach the ceremony with reverence, respecting the convictions of both the church and yourself. Don’t be surprised if we invite you into fuller relationship. We believe we have something to offer you.

What kind of Ceremony can I have?

The minister shall conduct only the marriage liturgies that are in keeping with the ethos of The United Church of Canada. There are several elements that characterize these services of worship:

  • God is praised as the source of love and the initiator of covenant.
  • Gospel values (love, justice, compassion) made known to us in Jesus, are expressed.
  • Scripture is read and proclaimed in some form.
  • Witnesses in the legal sense are acknowledged, as well as the presence and support of family, guests, and congregation.
  • Promises are made between the couple and before God.

What should we expect from the minister?

Weddings are conducted by, and at the discretion of, the Minister of Cambridge St United Church. There are usually two meetings with the minister. The first provides an opportunity to get acquainted, and for couples and minister alike to learn something of each other’s expectations. The next meeting is devoted to finalizing the Marriage Service. You will be given resources for the wording of various parts of the Service. The Minister of Cambridge Street serves the congregation of this church and is responsible to the church and so:

  • Shall be responsible to perform all weddings. (In a case where a conflict in schedules arises the minister will arrange for a substitute in his/her absence.)
  • Shall refuse to marry any couple for reasons of professional ethics, serious incompatibility of the couple, or failure of the couple to agree to the guidelines established by Cambridge Street United.
  • May require couples to take part in a pre-marriage counseling course if she/he deems it necessary.

And what about Music for the service?

Music is provided by our Director of Music and all music must be approved by him. The fee for the Director of Music is included in the total and must be paid even if other music options are chosen. Requests for specific instrumental selections are welcomed and will be accommodated if at all possible.

Can I provide my own minister or musician?

We recognize that you may have a clergy person who has had a special influence in your life. We are happy to include that person in the service. However, the decision to invite the guest clergy must first be cleared by the Minister at Cambridge Street United. The couple is to present the name to the minister who will be the person to extend the invitation. The Minister will also determine if the guest may preside or assist. An invitation for a guest musician must be approved by the Church Music Director prior to the invitation being extended. All guests must adhere to and be respectful of all aspects of Cambridge Street United.

Does the Church provide Wedding Bulletins?

The minister will assist the couple with the wording and preparation of the church bulletins.  The church does not provide wedding bulletins but can direct you to resources for ordering.

Is it OK to have a photographer?

Guests taking pictures during the service may cause disruption of the service; it should be discussed with the minister. A simple announcement may be made before the service setting guidelines. Professional photographers and videographers must be discrete and unobtrusive, and must not interrupt the service in any way. The minister shall discuss limits with these service providers before the service starts.

Can we decorate the church?

Appropriate and tasteful decorations may be placed in the sanctuary. Arrangements must be made in advance for the placement and removal of decorations in a timely fashion. The minister will assist in the arrangements. Please note that the Sanctuary will be seasonally decorated by Cambridge Street United Church on Thanksgiving weekend (and possibly the Saturday after) and also during the Advent season until after Christmas. These beautiful decorations are to remain in the sanctuary during the wedding. Additional decorations may be added for the wedding and removed afterwards.

If we want to get married at Cambridge Street United how do we get things started?

To allow time for pre-marital counselling, and other adequate preparation, the church requires that all weddings be booked at least two months in advance of the wedding date. The wedding can be tentatively booked by calling the church office.  Check with the Church Office Administrator to see what dates are available at the church. The sanctuary holds approximately 830 people. However, the dates for each wedding must also be approved by the clergy before the wedding is officially booked.

  1. a) The couple calls and makes the booking and makes an appointment with the minister.
  2. b) The minister approves the wedding date (note: congregation expectation above: the minister may

need to “get to know you first”.)

  1. c) The couple will be notified of confirmation of booking.

What if we want to get married outdoors?

There are legitimate reasons for wanting to be married in a significant place other than the church. The minister of Cambridge Street United is able to accept such requests, however, the minister is still a minister of this church and accountable to this congregation. The provisions of this marriage policy still apply.

Fee Schedule

The fee of $750.00 includes all honorariums for the minister, organist, custodian, church administrator, and a donation for the church. Additional charges are applied when the Director of Music and/or Custodian is requested at the rehearsal. Booking of the church can only be confirmed by a $100.00 deposit.

Further Information

Once your wedding date has been confirmed, a brochure with further information and details in respect to flowers, photographers, rehearsal, etc., will be sent to you.